A varied range of partners. Very important. To make company fitness attractive to everyone, we chose a variety of partners. They offer a wide range of fitness facilities. From major clubs to personal training. Our partners provide a nationwide coverage so you are not tied to just one region.

We would love to introduce you to our partners. Click the name below for more information about the concerning sports facilities:

A varied range of partners. Very important. To make company fitness attractive to everyone, we chose a variety of partners. They offer a wide range of fitness facilities. From major clubs to personal training. Our partners provide a nationwide coverage so you are not tied to just one region.

We would love to introduce you to our partners. Click the name below for more information about the concerning sports facilities:


Sports center AeroFitt is a phenomenon in the municipalities Bronckhorst, Zutphen and in the region De Liemers. First of all, you can go join our gyms for a nice workout. Having fun while exercising is in fact very important, so next to fitness, we also offer group lessons where people are socializing while sporting, and tackle their targets together. Sports center Aerofitt is known for the cozy, unaffectedly atmosphere and the personal assistance by the staff.

Arendse health club

Arendse health club is not just a fitness center. Where more and more basic fitness clubs open in Tilburg, we choose to focus on the result you want to achieve. That is the reason you work out, isn’t it? To achieve your goals! Whether that is loosing a few pounds, improving your overall fitness, feeling better or spending your free time actively: if it doesn’t lead to results you are likely to quit. We at Arendse health club get that and take, especially in the current fitness trend, a few more steps than the average health club. Choosing Arendse health club means choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Bootcamp Team

Boot Camp is a form of physical exercise which takes place out-of-doors in a group and is supervised by an experienced trainer. If you don't fancy being stuck inside in a gym, but would like to be fit, strong, supple and toned and prefer exercising in the open air, then Bootcamp is the thing for you! The Bootcamp Team training sessions consist of running, interval training and fitness exercises amongst other things. It is an ideal work-out to make you feel strong, toned, slim and energized and takes place the challenging surroundings of beach, woods, park or dunes.

Club Pellikaan

We from The Healthy Few know a healthy lifestyle goes beyond sports. We believe in a balance between exercise, nutrition and relaxation. Making conscious choices and exercising regularly, so you can continue enjoying a good life. Club Pellikaan. For the Healthy Few.

Corpus Milon Clubs en PLAZA Fit & Healthclub

Corpus Milon Clubs en PLAZA Fit & Healthclub are quality clubs in every way. Atmosphere, experience and attention for the customers are key. Whether it is about losing weight or improving overall fitness, we will ensure that you reach your goals.

Fit For Free

Fit For Free operates a low-price concept. Within this concept you can use all available facilities and with a small extra fee you get unlimited access to all group lessons Fit For Free has to offer. Of course Fit For Free also assures you free, professional guidance. The Fit For Free staff is standby to answer your questions and give you instructions when necessary. Rather extra guidance and motivation? Take a look here for the options for a qualified Personal Coach. At Fit For Free you are welcome for a sensational low price, great facilities, group lessons ánd guidance!


Fitland offers ample opportunities for sports and relaxation. A complete workout in 2x4 minutes with Fast Fit, small group fitness such as the “Fit in 60 days” program, abdominal training, Personal Training (LAPT) and RIP:60. Fitnesscentrum Fitland has something to offer for everyone. Do you enjoy exercising together, than the group lessons may fit you! Of course fitness club Fitland XL Mill also offers the opportunity to relax after exercising by visiting the sauna or the solarium.

Happy Bodies

Happy Bodies: The alternative to the regular gym
Happy Bodies offers a new way of keeping fit in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Heemstede and Overveen; the Milon Circle, the alternative for the regular gym. You can achieve results* by going to the gym just once every 5 days and working out for only 35 minutes each training. Come and Experience The Milon Circle first hand!

You can achieve results by using The Milon Circle and that will motivate you. If you are not satisfied, we have a unique Money Back Guarantee! Our only condition is: make us a commitment to use the Milon Circle 20 times in 90 days and exercise 35 minutes each visit.

Health Works

At Health Works Fitness you can get full membership through BFO for a fixed amount per month. And it stays with that price. Everything is included: unlimited fitness access, use of all facilities, joining group lessons. No surprises in the end, never extra payment for the basic services that should be obvious. Try it first? Come to the Health Works Fitness club of your choice and take a look around at your leisure. We enjoy giving you a short tour. You are also welcome to try immediately: a whole day of FREE exercising.


At Infraligne you do it yourself, but not alone! Infraligne is for everyone who want to be fit, to keep fit and / or want to achieve a healthy weight and / or maintain. Our reference: small scale and with lots of personal attention.


Whether you are young or old, light or heavyweight, healthy or injured. At our 20 Laco fitnessclubs you will follow a program, which is customly made to fit your every need and desire.

Living Well

Are you looking for a way to get fitter? But you don’t want to spend too much time on it? Meet the Milon Circle at Living Well Milon Club! Living Well has several locations in Gouda, Bodegraven, Hillegom, Den Haag and Boskoop. Besides the Living Well Milon Clubs, Living Well has an extra location at the Keerkring in Gouda: Living Well XL.


Newstyle feels sports and exercise should be accessible to everyone. Therefor we offer a range of options for every type of athlete and for every budget. We try to create a pleasant environment where everybody feels at ease. Our desk staff is always there for you. We offer separate areas for example for strength training and cardiovascular training. That way everybody feels at home at Newstyle.


Optisport features sixteen health clubs accross the country. Optisport Health Club focuses on the growing number of athletes that want to work out in approachable, but high quality sports clubs. Within our health clubs we emphasize on sports, fun and having a good time for young and old!


SportCity operates a luxury concept. Within this concept you can make unlimited use of all facilities such as strength, cardio, spinning and group lessons. SportCity focuses on active ánd less fanatical athletes and has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. You can choose individual fitness, but also a program for more personal attention. Always with professional guidance. Our aim is to get you motivated to exercise and help you to maintain that motivation. We offer a unique Personal Fitplan with 100% results guarantee! At SportCity effort and relaxation go together. Exercising should always be about having fun! Curious to know how fit you currently are? Contact SportCity right now for a non-committal appointment for a fitness test.

The Bootcamp Factory

Welkom bij The Bootcamp Factory, hét adres voor doeltreffende bootcamp in Twente. Wij geven op 6 verschillende locaties buitentrainingen. Dit doen we altijd vol enthousiasme en met een passie voor sport. Ons doel is om jong tot oud en beginner tot gevorderde voldaan naar huis te laten gaan. Zet jezelf in beweging en start met bootcamp bij The Bootcamp Factory!


At TrainMore we believe it is our mission to get people to exercise more. Members that come to train often, get a hefty discount. TrainMore this way offers an affordable training option with high-quality equipment and facilities. We would like to make coming to the gym an experience. We do not just sell subscriptions, but we offer a lifestyle.

Other locations

Are you not fond of large fitness chains? And would you much rather exercise at one of the local gyms? It is possible, we've got lots of other locations. Please check the map to find your favourite gym.

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