Variation to choose from. Very important. To make the corporate fitness system interesting for everybody, we chose different partners who make this possible. From large fitness clubs tot personal training. Our partners provide national coverage, so you're not limited to one region.

We would love to introduce our partners to you:

  • AeroFitt(get out of your comfort zone)
  • Arendse health club(all-inclusive with personal approach)
  • Bootcamp Team (bootcamping with energy and having fun)
  • Club Pellikaan(sportsclub for the whole family)
  • Corpus Milon Clubs (Milonnen: fast, safe and efficient)
  • Fit For Free(unlimited fitness in the way that suits you)
  • Fitline Healthclubs(your health, our priority)
  • Fitland(a suitable offer for everyone)
  • Happy Bodies (work safely and efficiently on your health)
  • Health Works(yes to luxury, no to high rates)
  • Keystone Success (train your mind)
  • Laco (enjoying every exercise)
  • Living Well (specialized in the Milon circle)
  • Newstyle(fitness at a great rate)
  • Optisport (accessible and high quality)
  • Optisport swimming pools(for those who prefer swimming instead of fitness)
  • SportCity (the all-in-one sports destination)
  • Sportfondsen Nederland(swimming pools throughout The Netherlands)
  • The Bootcamp Factory (Bootcamp: everyone can do it!)
  • TrainMore (more than just a club)
  • Other locations (your local favorite gym)

We already negotiated a discount for you, so all you need to do is make your choice! Please note: we are constantly looking for new partners. Know immediately when and where a new club participates? Follow us on Social Media!






Our partners:

  • aerofit
  • Arendse health club
  • Bootcamp Team
  • Club Pellikaan
  • Corpus Milon Clubs
  • Fit All Day
  • Fit for Free
  • Fitland
  • Fitline
  • Fit20
  • Fit4lady
  • Happy Bodies
  • Health Works
  • Keystone
  • Health Works
  • Living Well
  • myhealthclub
  • Newstyle
  • Optisport
  • SportCity
  • Sportfondsen
  • Start to Run
  • The Bootcamp Club
  • The Bootcamp Club
  • TrainMore
  • Your Life Fitness
  • Other locations

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