Exercising is important when you want to stay healthy and fit. BedrijfsFitnessOnline wants to stimulate sports participation by making it more fun and affordable. That's why we're offering all Deliveroo riders discounted memberships at Fit For Free, SportCity and Trainmore!

What locations can I choose from?

Fit For Free, SportCity and Trainmore are all located in different cities throughout the Netherlands. To find all the locations, please click here for Fit For Free, here for SportCity and here for Trainmore. 

What are the costs?

Your priority is staying healthy and fit, ours is finding you the best discount. All gyms have several memberships in different price ranges. So there's something for everyone. To find all prices, please click here or click on 'Rate' at the top of this page. You can be assured that with BedrijfsFitnessOnline, you could receive a discount of up to 25% on your sports memberships.

How do I subscribe?

Interested? Great! You can subscribe by clicking on the Enlist button on the top of this page. Are you already a member at one of these gyms? In that case you can sign up as an existing member. You will, of course, receive the same discount as new members.

Al list of all benefits:

  • Great discounts on all regular membership rates
  • Gym locations throughout the country
  • Same discount for existing members 
  • Discount also applies to guests

Everybody knows that exercise is healthy, no need to explain that. BedrijfsFitnessOnline wants to stimulate sports participation by making it even more fun. Because we give you a discount on the subscription of your favorite gym! To what do I owe this pleasure you may think? Well, just because we like to offer our customers a nice benefit.

Where can I go?

Having options is important. We have many fitness chains with national coverage included in our package, so there are a lot of places where you can go to. In most cases you also can use all locations of the respective fitness chain with only one contract. In addition, each athlete has her or his wishes. Ofcourse we also respect all the wishes and try to include most of them in our propostion. We offer both high-end and basic clubs and don't the options for personal training.

What are the costs?

Your priority is sports, ours is enabling you to join a fitness club the most advantageous as possible. We made a rates page that shows the reduced prices we arranged for you with our connected partners.   

Al list of all benefits:

  • Always discount on the private subscription
  • National coverage with different partners
  • Even if you're already a member, you can switch to the discount subscription
  • The discount also applies to introducees
  • A total discount up to 64% when including the tax benefit

More energy. Everybody would like that. Via BedrijfsFitnessOnline you arrange for a sporty impulse in your organization quickly and easily. On behalf of nationwide fitness chains we offer the possibility to exercise with a discount as well as tax benefits. Now there's no longer an excuse NOT to get fit!

Maximum results, minimum effort

BedrijfsFitnessOnline expanded in five years time to be the biggest provider of corporate fitness. We have sports locations throughout the Netherlands.

Our concept is based on quality over quantity. Thus our conscious choice of working together with nationwide fitness chains. Our online platform and the completely digital services enable us to work efficiently; saving our clients a lot of time and effort. Brilliant, right? Also a fantastic feature is we are the only provider that in addition to tax benefits also offers an unbeatable discount on the private subscription fees. That's a double benefit!

Promotion leads to success

The company fitness regime implemented? Check. Adjusted the tax benefit? Check. Now the fun part begins: the promotion! We introduce the BFO arrangement to your organization in a fun and active way through e.g. free promotional days. The more promotion, the more employees will enjoy the benefit!

Also interested in a fit organization? Good. In our brochure you will find all information in a row. Request our brochure now!





Our partners:

  • aerofit
  • Arendse health club
  • Bootcamp Team
  • Club Pellikaan
  • Corpus Milon Clubs
  • Fit All Day
  • Fit for Free
  • Fitland
  • Fitline
  • Fit20
  • Fit4lady
  • Happy Bodies
  • Health Works
  • Keystone
  • Health Works
  • Living Well
  • myhealthclub
  • Newstyle
  • Optisport
  • SportCity
  • Sportfondsen
  • Start to Run
  • The Bootcamp Club
  • The Bootcamp Club
  • TrainMore
  • Your Life Fitness
  • Other locations

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