“Milonning” at Corpus Milon Clubs is distinctive. It is fast, safe and efficient. The coaching and our atmosphere provide an experience that is needed to stay motivated. That is how Corpus Milon Clubs can distinguish themselves from other fitness centres. More and more people come back from a cheap gym and choose our concept. "Milonning" has become a new verb in the Netherlands. According to our reviewers, we’re simply the best and most motivating club. Whether it concerns improving fitness, losing weight or becoming fitter. In all locations, our team is committed to help you reach your goals.

The Milon Circle: The Milon Circle is the latest revolution in the fitness industry. The latest devices with a unique concept that guarantees 15 times more results than traditional fitness. And this in just 35 minutes!

Mission Corpus Milon Clubs and PLAZA Fit & Healthclub

We are a quality club in every way. Atmosphere, experience and attention for the customer are key.
We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy yourself.
We give you professional advice and motivate you where we can.
We want to help you realise a healthier lifestyle.
And when you go out again, we want you to have a wonderful and proud feeling, so that you can look forward to your next visit.
And we will do everything to ensure that this mission succeeds!

PLAZA Fit & Healthclub:

In addition to the Milon Circle, PLAZA also has:

  • LesMills group lessons together with freestyle lessons. You will experience these in 3 attractive themed halls: the Body & Mind Hall, the Bike Hall and the Power Room.
  • Strength training in our free-weights hall creates extra atmosphere and motivates you to work on strong muscles and a tight body. Our strength coaches are there every night to guide, motivate and stimulate you further.
  • FunXtion is a HiiT (high intensive interval training) that keeps you motivated by the playful circuit shape. The training is followed by a 15-minute abdominal muscle training with      exercises for your stomach and core.




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