Arendse health club is not just a gym. In the Netherlands the basic clubs are rapidly expanding, while we choose to focus on the result you want to achieve. Isn't that the main reason for you to work out? To achieve your goals? Whether that goal is loosing a few pounds, getting fit or overall feeling more energy and spend your free time; you will quit if it doesn't lead to any improvement. We at Arendse health club know what you want and we are willing to take the extra steps and go beyond the average health club.

Choosing the Arendse health club, means choosing a healthy lifestyle. Over the past years we have specialized in motivating each person individually and we will hand you the necessary tools to make you feel good. We can offer you an online e-learning module that can give you more insight in your current and your desired lifestyle. This way you can track your progress at home, view and manage your progress.  We also have an own app, that enables you to view your results, progress and schedules at all times, also on your tablet or pc.

What is good coaching?

To guarantee optimal coaching we have a team of specialists ready for you, which (according your profile) will be used to achieve your goals. Our team consists a.o. of personal fitness coaches, personal trainers, lifestyle coaches, nutrition coaches, physiotherapists, dieticians and group lessons instructors. They make sure you learn how to motivate yourself on the long term and achieve a structural, lasting healthy lifestyle. We promise you “Results Guaranteed”. Together we set your end goal and make a plan how to get there, with associated guidelines and obligations. This way we avoid dropping out and dissatisfaction.

Personal attention: the basics

Not everyone is the same. Therefor we consider personal guidance and attention really important. Working out at Arendse health club in any case gets you:

  • 1 intake with your personal fitness coach
  • 1 intake with a lifestyle coach
  • A personal schedule, compiled in consultation
  • Track all trainings and view your status at home with the Arendse App, on pc or tablet
  • A regular appointment with your personal fitness coach
  • Ultra modern facilities with TV
  • We take into account the fact that you change (motivation, pleasure, result)




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