Everybody knows that exercising is healthy, no need to explain that. BedrijfsFitnessOnline wants to stimulate sports participation by making it even more fun. Because we give you a discount on the subscription of your favorite gym! To what do I owe this, you think? Well, just because we like to offer our customers a nice benefit.

What are the costs?

Your priority is sports, ours is enabling you to join a fitness club the most advantageously as possible. In the menu you can find a page called rates, which shows the reduced prices we arranged for you with our connected partners.

How do I subscribe? 

Interested? Great. You can subscribe by clicking on the Enlist button on the top of this page. Are you already a member at one of our partners? In that case you can subscribe yourself as an existing member. That way you too will profit from the discounted rate!    

A list of all benefits:

  • Always a discount on the private subscription
  • National coverage 
  • Even if you are already a member, you can switch to the discount rate
  • The discount also applies to one or more guests

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