Extra advantage. Always a good thing! You can subscribe as an individual entrepeneur to our collective arrangement. Or you can join with a group of participants, for example with your sports club, neighborhood association or organization. You than close a fitness subscription at the competitive rates Bedrijfsfitness Online offers. Join as an entrepeneur or group for BFO Collective? Click here.

Most participants join Bedrijfsfitness Online through their employer. If your employer is a member you may apply a tax advantage and sport with even more discount!

How do I apply the tax benefit?

Subscription fees are allowed to be deducted from the gross salary. For example an employee who falls into the wage scale of 42% gets that percentage as an extra “discount” on the subscription rate of Bedrijfsfitness Online. The payroll department can apply this arrangement easily for all employees that partake in the corporate fitness regime. It's a common method that has been applied for years with the “company bike” arrangement.


The term "werkkostenregeling" is starting to become generally known. It is the replacement regime that soon will apply for all companies. As a company you may than use 1,2% of the total wage bill as a budget to arrange fun things for the employees. That may be a company outing as well as a Christmas gift or as we offer: company fitness. The total cost for all these things together may not exceed that percentage. If the costs stay below this percentage, the company may apply a  tax benefit. Simple, right? This arrangement also gets you a nice discount at your subscription fee.

Be sure if your company is connected? Please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 070-3014034 and we will check it for you!

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