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Category Title Hits
Fitness centres Can an employee subscribe/unsubscribe at the counter of the gym? 2654
Fitness centres How do participants pay? 2653
Fitness centres What can I expect from BedrijfsFitnessOnline? 2594
Fitness centres How can I connect my gym with BedrijfsFitnessOnline? 2416
General What is Bedrijfsfitness Online? 2863
General How does the company fitness regime work? 2690
General My gym is not on the list. Now what? 2502
General Is the service provided by Bedrijfsfitness Online really free? 2473
General How many sports venues are connected to BedrijfsFitnessOnline? 2249
Organisations Can I join Bedrijfsfitness Online as an entrepeneur or freelancer? 2648
Organisations Can I also offer the corporate fitness arrangement within the new WKR? 2502
Organisations What happens if an employee leaves the company? 2492
Organisations How long is the subscription period? 2474
Organisations I am interested in corporate fitness. What can I do? 2450
Organisations How do I adjust the tax benefit to the participants? 2423
Organisations How do I pay? 2391
Organisations How many participants are to be expected within my organization? 2311
Organisations Can I sign up new employees for company fitness at any time? 2304
Participants What is the rate for a corporate subscription? 2490
Participants How do I become a member? 2463
Participants How do I pay my corporate subscription? 2424
Participants What are the benefits of a subscription through BedrijfsFitnessOnline? 2383
Participants I am already a member with one of the partners of BedrijfsFitnessOnline. Can I participate? 2317
Participants How long is the corporate subscription period? 2254
Participants What sports can I practice via BedrijfsFitnessOnline? 2178

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